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We are delighted with our chandelier! I have told my friends about your wonderful customer service and the quality of the merchandise.


Thanks very much for making sure I received my lights and for providing great customer service. I will definitely continue to use American Light Source and recommend you to anyone purchasing lights.


Thank you for your prompt responses, a welcome change to online shopping I can assure you.


Thank you for taking care of this--it's always nice to do business with you.


Thank you so much, they just arrived. I can't believe I placed the order yesterday and they are already here. I placed an order with another company over a week ago and not one light has shown up.

What amazing service you provided!


We just wanted to let you know the replacement chandelier arrived and was in mint condition. Thank you so much for making the order right and so quickly. We order a lot of stuff online and we must say your customer service is second to none. If you ever need a recommendation, we will be more than happy to give American Light Source an excellent one.

--C&E S

The order arrived today and the lights look beautiful. Thanks for such prompt service!


Thanks for the update. Your customer service is the best. I've recommended you guys to several people.


The service received from American LightSource has been exceptional. We'll be seeking new fixtures and ordering from A.L. again.


Your website was easy to navigate, and your selection was impressive.


Excellent selection of merchandise.


It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company; we will keep your company name and number in our files for future purchases.


Lighting Tips

Below are some lighting tips that we hope you will find useful as you plan the lighting for your building or remodeling project. Call one of our trained Lighting Specialists at 1-800-741-0571 if you have more questions. Or send an email to


Chandeliers should be sized in relation to the room in which they are used. In dining rooms they must also be sized in relation to the table over which they are hung. One easy sizing rule-of-thumb is to add the length and width (in feet) of your room together. This number represents the ideal diameter of the chandelier (in inches). Consider purchasing a chandelier that size plus or minus six inches.

If the chandelier is to be hung over a dining table, the chandelier must be at least twelve inches narrower in diameter than the width of the table no matter how large the room is. This gives people seated in the side chairs six inches of clearance to facilitate sitting and standing without bumping their heads. If you have very high ceilings and the chandelier is hung above head height feel free to go larger if necessary for aesthetic reasons.

When hanging a chandelier over a dining room table it should be 30" above the table top if you have an eight foot ceiling. Raise the chandelier 3" for every additional foot in ceiling height. If you are tall or you have a large centerpiece you may like your chandelier a little higher than this.

Chandeliers with concealed downlights are good for accenting table centerpieces and make a good task light for playing cards, paying bills, and doing homework.

Installing a low-voltage halogen recessed light 18" - 24" on each side of your dining room chandelier will allow you to dim the chandelier to a comfortable level while still accenting your place settings with the bright crisp white light from the halogen recessed lights. Your china and crystal will sparkle as they did in the jewelry store.

A medallion adds visual height to a room and adds an extra element of style. It is one of the details that will make your home stand out. Choose a medallion that is either larger or smaller than the diameter of the chandelier. A medallion that is the same size as the chandelier is visually boring. If in doubt choose larger. The medallion will always look smaller when mounted on the ceiling.

Don't forget to add a dimmer to your chandelier. This allows you to have low light for mood and ambience when desired, bright light for cleaning or decorating, and any level in between depending on the occasion. A dimmer is just as useful on a chandelier as the volume control is on a radio. Sometimes you want a little, sometimes you want a lot, and sometimes you want something in between. How many radios do you have without volume controls?

Flush-Mount and Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

These fixtures are a good source of general or ambient light for bedrooms, closets, hallways, and many other areas in a home.

Use a flush mount or semi-flush mount light fixture on the ceiling in grooming areas in addition to vanity lighting to provide light on the top and back of the head to make styling hair easier.

Use a one-bulb flush mount fixture in smaller closets and a two-bulb fixture in walk-in closets.

Use a two-bulb flush mount fixture in small laundry rooms. Consider using a fluorescent fixture in large laundry rooms.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting in grooming areas of the bathroom should be as glare-free as possible for the most effective lighting. Typically light fixtures that have frosted glass will perform better in these areas. Also fixtures that have the open end of the glass toward the ceiling work well as they allow light to pass through the glass and also reflect light off the ceiling to provide relatively shadow-free and glare-free results. The problem with glary lights in the bath is that the pupil in the human eye contracts in reaction to the glare and does not let in the available light. Only consider using fixtures with clear glass in bathrooms where serious grooming will not occur.

Avoid strongly colored glass in bathrooms. The light will pick up the color of the glass and make the skin color hard to judge. This is especially important in areas where makeup will be applied. Frosted glass or lightly colored off-white glass should be fine.

Recessed lights over vanities tend to produce strong shadows on the face making the application of makeup or shaving harder than it should be. If you must use recessed lights over a vanity, use sconces on each side of the mirror as well to minimize the shadows. Be sure the sconces are at least three feet apart so they will not be glary.

The color scheme chosen for a bathroom will have a great impact on the lighting. Color schemes that are dark make it hard to light the human face effectively even when using several light fixtures. Light color schemes will reflect light from many surfaces so that the face has light hitting it from all directions, thus reducing shadows. Countertops, especially, should be as near white as possible to to reflect light up under the chin.

Be sure to have a ceiling fixture in the grooming area in addition to the vanity lights to allow you to see the top and back of the head better when styling hair.

Dimmers are especially effective in grooming areas as they allow you to see how you will look in bright light as well as dim. This can be especially useful when dressing for the evening. Some dimmers even have lighted knobs making them easy to find when feeling your way to the bathroom in the dark.

A chandelier is a nice touch of luxury in baths where the ceiling height will permit one. They can be very striking near garden tubs or in dressing areas. Check your local building codes before installing any type of light fixture directly over a shower or tub.

Exterior Lanterns

Exterior lanterns can enhance the appearance of your home's exterior in addition to providing light for safety and security. There are many sizes and colors choose from in styles ranging from Traditional to Contemporary that will add a distinctive touch to your home.

One mistake made too often is selecting exterior fixtures that are too small for the house. What seems large in the store right in front of you will look much smaller on the wall of a house when standing at the street. For the front of a typical 2000-2500 square foot house look for lanterns 8-10 inches wide and 20-22 inches high or larger. A 3000 square foot house typically needs 10-12 inches wide and 28-30 inches high. Fixtures less than 6 inches wide and 12 inches high are suitable only for the smallest houses or on service entrances on the sides and backs of larger houses. These are general guidelines and have to be weighed against architectural features of the house like how much space there is beside the door or how high the roof is on the porch. A very large house with a one-story porch may need smaller lanterns than the same house with a two-story porch.

Don't skimp on the lantern for the deck or patio as these are the lanterns you will see the most when you are outside grilling or entertaining. Why should you have to look at bargain basement lights on your own house?

For security reasons, given a choice, elect to have exterior wall lanterns instead of hanging lanterns or ceiling lights. The faces of your visitors will be better lit making their identification easier. An overhead light will be behind a visitor's head so that their face is in shadow making identification difficult. If your style house dictates a hanging lantern or overhead fixture, consider adding a recessed light or a pair of recessed lights on the ceiling near the wall over the door to minimize the shadows on your visitors' faces.

Also for security reasons, exterior wall lanterns should be installed on the same side of the door as the doorknob if you are using only one lantern per door. This will allow you to easily see the face of the person standing on your porch when you open the door. If located on the side with the hinges you will be blinded by the light when you open the door and you will only be able to see a silhouette of the face.

Exterior wall lanterns should be mounted so that the top of the fixture does not extend above the top of the door or if there is a transom or fanlight above the door not above the top of that. You will find many styles that will work if the junction box is about 72 inches above the floor when there is no transom and about 72-78 inches if there is one. When deciding how far left or right of the door to install the junction box take into account the millwork around the door as well as trim and shutters on adjacent windows. Also be careful when placing lanterns near inside corners that are yet to be bricked. You will lose almost six inches of wall space when the corner is finished.

Most people are familiar with motion-sensing flood lights. You can also have your electrician wire your decorative outdoor lights to a motion-sensing device. That way your decorative porch lights can be made to come on whenever someone approaches the house.

If you have outdoor lights that you would like to have burning all night use a photocell to turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. This is especially popular with post lanterns. Many posts are available with photocells already built in.

Another variation is to use a photocell in conjunction with an inside switch. That way your outdoor fixtures will not burn in the daytime if they are accidentally turned on. In fact you could turn your inside switch to the porch light on in the middle of the afternoon and leave the house. The lights would not come on because it is light outside, yet they would come on at dusk to help you safely into the house if you returned late.


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